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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.

Native American Proverb

There are no passengers
on Spaceship Earth.
We are all crew.

Marshall McLuhan, 1964

It is not the strongest
of the species that survives, nor the
most intelligent,but the one most responsive
to change.
Charles Darwin

ONE BIOSPHEREOne Biosphere, Environmental Forum

Environmental Forum Environmental Forum Environmental Forum Environmental Forum


We embrace Alternative Renewable Fuels, Organic & Fair Trade Products and Green Solutions for a Sustainable Biosphere. Clean air and water with open space.

OBAMA! "Barack" denotes "Congratulations!"


          One Biosphere is an alliance of people and organizations who are united to preserve the quality of our American and the global environment through our forum and publications, education, advocacy, research and communications among our members and partners.

Lets see what happens regarding the next world environmental conference.

Environmental Mission Statement

         One Biosphere makes laws work for humans, habitats and the globe. With our non-partisan, independent approach, One Biosphere promotes sustainable solutions to difficult environmental problems. One Biosphere encourages and sponsors innovative research, sensible analysis and original publications to inspire, inform and empower citizens, policy-makers, business leaders, and environmental advocates globally. One Biosphere is committed to its role of environmental leadership in all facets of environmental protection and sustainability.

Welcome to our One Biosphere Blog
Environmental Forum

     Anyone may browse our blog and forums, but you need to be a One Biosphere member and logged in to post.  This forum is meant for you, our One Biosphere members, to share your opinions on your environmental concerns with One Biosphere and what ways you see improving our environment and environmental programs.  We may use your input and help in making One Biosphere the environmental organization that you envision.  This forum is also a great place to share environmental conservation tips and strategies as well as interesting anecdotal observations about alternative fuels, for example.  Discussions of what each of us can do, individually and collectively, to support environmental protection and conservation are welcome.


Environmental Forum

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