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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.

Native American Proverb

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We are all crew.

Marshall McLuhan, 1964

It is not the strongest
of the species that survives, nor the
most intelligent,but the one most responsive
to change.
Charles Darwin

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Kyocera Solar, Inc.

     Kyocera Solar, Inc. is an international, vertically-integrated producer and supplier of solar energy products.  Kyocera’s American solar division is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with regional sales affiliates in North and South America and Australia.  Kyocera Solar is Kyocera’s North American solar products subsidiary.  It serves thousands of customers in developed and developing countries.

    Globally, environmentally conscious people are taking advantage of solar electric systems provided by Kyocera.  Kyocera solar systems generate home electricity to power a wide variety of essential items.  Solar electric solutions provided by Kyocera enable people to drink clean water where sources were unsanitary, difficult to access, or non-existent. Systems designed and integrated by Kyocera permit industries to expand beyond the constraints of the traditional electricity grid.

    Kyocera Solar, Inc. serves the widely varying needs of customers for distributed solar electricity through two major market channels.  Industrial customers, such as original equipment manufacturers, government organizations, utilities, corporate clients and institutions, are served directly with fully integrated system packages.  Kyocera Solar also serves a global network of its authorized distributors and dealers with components, packaged systems, engineering, technical support, project management, sales aids and literature.

    Kyocera Solar is staffed by experienced and innovative engineers, technical support, and sales personnel within the solar electric industry.  Kyocera Solar’s expertise derives from designing, manufacturing, and installing the most technologically advanced solar electric power systems available today.  With thousands of successful installations worldwide, Kyocera Solar continues its leadership role in the solar electric industry.

Pre-Packaged Solar Systems
      Kyocera Solar offers in pre-packaged, integrated solar electric systems for various power applications.  The applications include residential power for stand-alone and utility interactive buildings, RV & Marine, water pumping and industrial remote power systems,  such as telecommunication, oil and gas, traffic signals, and medical uses.  Kyocera Solar offers popular system configurations for residential applications as well as systems requiring larger power requirements.

           Kyocera Solar’s MyGen™ Grid-Tie Photovoltaic (PV) Power System consists of photovoltaic modules, a direct current to alternating current (DC-to-AC) power conversion device, DC wiring, DC and AC overcurrent protection, lightning protection, component mounting and mechanical support.

          The MyGen™ System is designed for use on residential and small commercial buildings of typical construction.   MyGen Meridian ™ solves the aesthetic “add on” appearance problem because it is designed to replace roof tiles.  MyGen solves the problems of lowering utility bills, reducing the probability of black-outs or brown-outs, and contributing to the betterment of the environment without degrading the home's aesthetics.  Photovoltaic mounting is rafter-secured for structural compliance with most local building codes.  MyGen™ complies with the 2002 National Electrical Code (NEC-2002), IEEE Std 929-2000-Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Recommended Practices for Utility Interface of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, UL 1741-Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety-Static Inverters and Charge Controllers for Use in Photovoltaic Power Systems and the ICBO 2000-International Building Code.

          The modular, packaged systems can be combined to form larger systems, depending upon user need, availability of unshadowed roof space and existing or planned electrical utility configuration.

Kyocera Donates Solar Power To Nepal Schools
     Kyocera Corporation recently announced donations of solar power systems to schools in the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.
Kyocera’s donations consist of fifteen 600-watt Kyocera solar panel based systems with deep cycle battery storage, that Kyocera will install in participating schools in Nepal starting early 2009.  In Nepal, only 20 percent of the population has electricity.  Kyocera’s donation will provide a better education experience for children in those schools in Nepal.
       Nepal's electricity is mainly based on hydro-electric generation, which often fails during dry seasons.  Currently, the nation is experiencing one of its worst energy crises, and those who have electricity have been warned to expect blackouts for up to 16 hours a day.
      Climate change related threats may see similar supply disruptions occurring more regularly in the future.  Hence, the country is beginning to look more towards renewable energy alternatives.  During 2007, the total volume of shipments of Kyocera solar power equipment to Nepal was 2.6 times more than in 2006.
Kyocera entered the solar power business in 1975 and has a lengthy history of donating solar energy systems to rural areas of developing countries.  Kyocera's efforts in rural electrification began with the donation of solar power systems to Kankoi, Pakistan in 1983 and Gansu Province, China in 1985.  Those projects included power for agricultural irrigation, vaccine refrigeration, and electricity for medical facilities.  According to Kyocera, the Company intends to donate solar power systems to 20 schools in Tanzania, Africa over the coming five years.


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