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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.

Native American Proverb

There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. 
We are all crew.
Marshall McLuhan, 1964

It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
nor the most intelligent, but the one most
responsive to change.
Charles Darwin



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       One Biosphere is an alliance of people and organizations who are united to preserve the quality of our global environment through our forum and publications, education, advocacy, research and communications among our members and partners.

Green Economics and Advocacy

       Green economics focuses on the importance of the health of our biosphere to humankind.  Green advocacy disavows conventional capitalism that emphasizes economic growth to the detriment of ecological health.

      Green economics identifies the full ecological and societal cost of economic growth that includes damage to the biosphere which is objectionable under green politics.  Green economics considers economic growth that damages the biosphere to be uneconomic growth to the extent that material growth lowers the overall quality of life.  Productivism is the belief that measurable economic productivity and growth is the purpose of human organization and work.  Scientism is the belief that natural science has authority over all other interpretations of life.

      Green advocacy postulates that productivism, consumerism and scientism are gray economic views as opposed to green economic views.  In this context, gray implies age, concrete, and lifelessness.

      Green economics is to a certain extent anti-global. Economic globalization may be considered to constitute a threat to the well-being of earth to the extent that it replaces natural environments and local cultures with a single trade economy.  Economic globalization refers to economic globalization or the integration of national economies into one international economy via trade, foreign direct investment, capital flows, migration, and the spread of technology.

      Green economics emphasize the health of the biosphere which is outside the purview of the traditional political spectrum.  Moreover, there are different movements within green politics that incorporate postulates originating from socialism and capitalism.  One branch of the eco movement with social democratic predilictions are referred to as eco socialists because they advocate ecological concepts together with socialism.

         Eco socialists ridicule the capitalist system for environmental destruction and social injustice and advocate fundamental reform.  On the other hand, eco capitalists believe that the free market system may be modified sufficiently over the long term to address ecological concerns.

        In summary, adherents to green politics advocate economic policies designed to safeguard the environment.  Green advocates demand governments to stop subsidizing companies that waste resources or pollute the natural world to the extent that such subsidies are "unclean" subsidies.. Recent trends in green politics place automobile and agribusiness subsidies in this category to the extent that as they may damage human health.  On the other hand, green advocates are generally in favor of green tax benefits that encourage both producers and consumers to make ecologically friendly choices.



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